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lirik lagu original broadway cast – my grace


my child, my grace,
a stow’way on my ship
and what a fool you’ve made me

i’m proud! i am!
i’ll put away the whip
but still – you disobeyed me

for flouting me
as any sailor knows,
i’d have him keelhauled through the water
but when i think
what judgment to impose
i only see my daughter

grania at the fireside
dancing with her father…

how i did adore you!

were you a pirate even then?
had you a brigand’s heart at ten?
and i just didn’t see it?

pray that you’ll allow me
stay a little longer
have my heart’s desire!
i wanted nothing more than this
to be a sailor here beside you
there is no duty, sir, i would not do
to be serving for ireland and you!

if you stay
you know the crew’s unease
the battles on the seas
and me – i’ll want to shield you

father, please
just let me have my start
when you were sick at heart
the ocean was what healed you

my grania,
my daughter through and through
(makes his decision)
let my judgment be made
and your brav’ry repaid:
you can stay till this voyage is through
and may god and this crew
please forgive what i do
dearest grania…

dearest captain…

women are a myst’ry
wild, elusive creatures
twenty times a bother
sometimes the closest to your heart
are the ones you know least of

now i see you standing
fiery as your mother
stubborn as your father
how can i chastise you for dreams
and hold your untamed heart against you
when it’s what i’m most proud of in me

who can even imagine
the trials you will face
as you strive to live free

be who you are,
for you’re my grace,
and you’ll always be

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