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lirik lagu onb - endless love


sometimes this love makes sense
sometimes this love don’t work
yet i try to keep my grip
cause if i slip that heart gon’ hurt

and i know what what it’s worth
let me feel that body yearn
let me sink back down to earth
baby girl this time is so worse

cuz i know what i really have
i don’t know what to do if i lose yo pretty ass
drop that thing down so low like woah
girl come on and gimme that

make a man do dirt for the kitty cat
make a dawg straight feen when i’m hitting that
i don’t ever ever ever wanna give it back
i don’t know how to feel when i get attached

young dawg so lost in a wrong way
i just wanna come back from thеse long days
i’m just trying make tracks with a strong bass
girl throw that thing back it’s okay
and i know what will
take you all thе way to ecstasy
money clothes and these hoes
yeah that sh~t is my complexity

this love got me so stuck
i know it’s so hard to trust
like is this love or l~st
can you ever get enough?

baby i need to know thing
can i see where you felt the same
can i heal what gives you pain?
can i feel without the rain?

me and my love been fighting for energy
looking for hope in every vicinity
search and i search my soul is so empty we
looking for nothing it’s not in the chemistry

who am i kidding while looking for sympathy?
i’m feeling so stuck in our memaory’s
god just please get rid of this misery
baby i’m just looking for you
i feel like i am getting exhausted
i really don’t know what to do
i’m starting to feel so remorseless

like who would’ve knew
we be on that back and forth sh~t
and how is this supposed to go
when i can’t help but notice?

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