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lirik lagu omnichopper – a higher spot


all you f~cking b~tches thinking you’re the god d~mn best
get a life and stop your mumbling, i’ll spit and you can rest
stealing flows and taking shows and sitting down, you take a rose
i hope you become better, or just f~cking else, you will get froze

better be the better rapper, not a f~cking capper
you b~tches never hacker, i’m the motherf~cking tagger
coming and bringing a bag and i’m makin’ it sicker, their dreams shatter
(getting behind me, die from a dagger)

mumblers always gotta f~cking scream
start a group, then leave the team
i’m always with the others, not wasting time with cream
when we gotta be the fastest, we will have the best scheme

gotta understand that i’m am not a normal kid
all you f~ckers tryna mock me, oh, my lord, please god forbid
releasing this whole track onto the server, say it’s mid
when i get onto the list, regret what you just said and did

motherf~cking money, you are causing f~cking agony
shoot with your honey, you are not so f~cking funny
finding me online like i’m some sort of easter egg
when i never stop, better stop and beg
really wanna beat me? friends, i’ll call
leave me be or soon you will crawl
you say you the biggest, and i’m just small?
i’m sure when you go against me, you will fall

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