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lirik lagu noizick – lamington rd.


verse 1:
many people tryna break my heart
but i don’t give a f~ck like i am on my periods arc
game is the same but i different bro
still i am gonna win like i am alana nicholson

you think you can break my bars?
my bars are not easy to break, like its kit~kat bars
my bars are as costly as whale’s vomit
you can reach my bars as rare as hailey’s comet

holy sh~t, people don’t know some fact and i know it!
i got more brain than your favourite rapper and you know it
their bars are completely lame and same
beef is legal for me, cause i live in kerala state

my bars can’t work as shield in a rumble
they work like a concrete wall even in the jungle
(b~tch!) even in a jungle
work like a concrete wall even in the ju~ ju~ jungle

verse 2:
(knock, knock, knock) recognize me? h~llo!
i saw you as my homie, now all of my feelings hollow
you missed out on your meeting, please do not come back tomorrow
that’s a word to my mother and my nan, i won’t follow
these b~tches wanna drag me down like i drive a camaro
yesterday i was vexed, today i feel no sorrow
love and betrayal, they like follow for a follow
spitting out your bars but the guilt is what you swallow

i did replace the code, i did switch up the mode
i did all of my chores and still f~cked up your flow
i mean, i was too bored, i mean, i was ignored
i been unknown in this game, but known for slitting your throat

i mean, i’m typically petty, cause i’ve been here and done that
bun that, friendships don’t need upi, you earn that
did you f~cking hear me clearly? if not, run back
sound of the hip~hop kingdom, b~tch i run that

i still left some cheese for rats inside the car
never worried about the m, cause i know it ain’t too far
see, the real deal is to prosper more than the letter g
now the people gonna scheme through and then ~n~lyze the bar, b~tch

verse 3:
i’m looking for the authentic, not the cheap
keen sense of smell, i realize if he a newbie
she tryna impress me with her double d’s, jeez
and i close the deal

i wanna live my life, i don’t live it free, b~tch
i shake the room, and close the deal, b~tch
what? shut the f~ck up


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