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lirik lagu nipsey hussle – new money


“new money”

soon as i step out on the scene camera’s flash
got my cash right
living like i’m stuck in a dream
it must be that new money
hundred on the turnpike
momma wish you could see this new money
when i hop up out the jet
new money
out the pearly sky
hey there’s new money
never going broke my bank got new money
momma how i wish you could see this new money

[nipsey hussle:]
i stack rubber band rags
all tags get invaded
my subtle -ss saying f-ck the system that enslaved us
we want it all but won’t let it all change us
so we don’t respect players that playing that say they played it
to confident fools i choose not to say sh-t
the rocks in my jewels are viewed as my language
i’ve been to sh-t so i don’t take it to the brain
when these pretty flight attendants compliment me on my fragrance
louie on the baggage claim, pirelli on the pavement
yves saint laurant jean paul gaultier scent
a hundred thousand plus monthly yeah i make it
kept it on some [?] on top of some [?]
they see me on tv and swear to god i’m changing
but ask bet if i was back stage blazing
this new money got these old n-gg-s hating
better know my aim is amazing


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