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lirik lagu niña vintage – the plan


he’s got a plan to run away
he’ll tell you lies
he’ll try to scape from real life
cause he’s finally realized
his pockets can’t pay

he goes for more
he won’t take less
he loves to steal
he knows with who and how making a deal
and even more
he knows how to scream

and he’s scared of himself
he doesn’t like being himself
he’s just a lover of himself
he knows to be loved, to be hated
to disappear anywhere
he’s out of range
he’s full of rage
blaming on the devil
and playing stupid games
you won’t believe
he can bet, cause he knows how to win

oh no
he’s feeling weird today
he’s feeling old today
he’s feeling bored today
and he won’t change

and i, i saw the wolf today
i ran to hide away
and i escaped
and my mamma said:

“girl, don’t you ever trust wolves,
in a mess you could be involved
they may be dressed as a human
and may look like real gentle, gentlemen”

he’s got a plan to run away
he’s gonna confess
he’ll tell the whole story
he wants to tell me the truth
that was the plan