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lirik lagu nellie mckay – the party song


i went to a party
stayed there 20 years one night
there were bright balloons, a pale monsoon
of decadent delight
the people at this party
were alive or seemed to be
pretty hearts percuss as coconuts
and gentle was the sea

and i know
you’ve got to pine a little
find your mettle

may the fire burn brighter than the blade
luminate through spires and the shroud
as a silence settle on the big parade
the day that party burns into the ground

eyes of hiroshima
all those melted ears and chins
the world was relieves and still agrees
it was worth it in the end
it meant the fight was over
the explicit one at least
as the streamers fell, we bid farewell
to war and welcomed peace
and i know
you’re bound to mind the weather
time will tether

may the ashes flower from the flame
coat the smouldering pyre without sound
as we dash upon the vast ash~covered plains
the day that party burns into the ground

nothing comes from nothing
and i was not twice naive
but where innocence meets common sense
there’s far too much to grieve
you who stood for nothing
now you will not stand at all
whispered epitaphs and laughing gas
come right before the fall

and i know
you’ve got to strive forever
a fine endeavour

peals of laughter scatter after war
stealing through the rafters of the town
though we stumble on the unfamiliar shore
the day those tower walls come tumbling down
may that party burn to the f~cking ground

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