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lirik lagu n. blanco – intro menace


“alright, for instance, you will read it in a book, in a magazine and everything that when somebody grabs you, you will first do this, and then this and then, and then, and then, thousands of steps before you do a single thing. of course, this kind of magazine would teach you to be feared by your enemies and admired by your friends and everything, see? but in kung~fu it always involves a very fast motion, like for instance, a guy grabbing your hand. it’s not the idea to do so many steps, step right on the in~step, he’ll let go. this is what we mean by simplicity, same thing in striking and in everything, it has to be based on a very minimum motion so that everything would be directly expressed, huh! one motion and he’s gone. doing it gracefully, not to go aaaah! yelling, and jumping all over him but to do huh! excuse me…”