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lirik lagu – interludio


[lauryn hill]
“it’ like… i was always confused about it. i always thought that you know, the matrix was… battling the enemy out there, picking him out, i’m gonna find those enemies and get that enemy! until i realised that until you conquer the enemy in yourself, you can’t deal with anyone…”

[just blaze]
“our culture is based on taking things that aren’t meant for us, or weren’t intended for us and making them ours. when rock n’ roll records had drum breaks in them, they weren’t intending for years later for young kids of color in the ghetto to be rhyming on them. when they were putting breaks in disco records, they weren’t intended for djs to be back-spinning them so the mc could rock them at a party. with polo, we took something that wasn’t meant for us, that was meant for people who were richer than us, you know, guided towards older white men, and making it for ourselves”

[michaela angela davis]
“it’s like, polo was like bread… nice bread… but it ain’t a sandwich until you put some sh-t on it! and hip hop took that bread and made sandwiches”

[damian lillard game winner]

[cm punk canjeando el maletín contra edge]