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lirik lagu myron butler – above all


above all

sin caused the debt that mankind could not pay.
god the father knew just what was needed.
so he gave us the greatest gift this world has ever received jesus christ, considered mankind above all.
so we singâ…

[verse 1:]
above all powers, above all kings, above all nature and all created things.
above all wisdom and all the ways of man, you were here before the world began.
above all kingdoms, above all thrones.
above all wonders this world has ever known.
above all wealth and treasures of the earth.
there’s no way to measure what you’re worth

crucified, laid behind the stone, you lived to die, rejected and alone.
like a rose, trampled on the ground, you took the fall, and thought of me above all

[repeat chorus 4x]

above all, above all, above all, above all, above all



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