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lirik lagu munna ikee, buck munna & mikemike - 3am in oblock


[intro: munna ikee]
(swaggyono, what up, bro?)
(this sh~t gon’ be crazy, jacc)
uh, no auto

[verse 1: munna ikee]
bounce out, brand new ten, tryna put some sh~t to sleep
baby take been spinnin’ blocks and walkin’ down opps since two~way jumped in beef
19 on the new glock, the back got a box, so when you hit trigger, it repeats
i’m talkin’ too much ’bout the streets, let’s talk about cash or tracks, or we can just talk about c
captohot the general, might tote a 19x or a arp
old b~tch, she lost value, went from a ten~point~five to a negative three
plain jane cost me a quarter, think that i’m lyin’? hit treasures and check receipts
i’m really just playin’ on this beat, if i do no auto, i’m shakin’ the streets
i know one day i’ma be big, this rap sh~t is rigged, for power, they ridin’ the d

[verse 2: buck munna]
two deep, ridin’ them vans, we boxed his ass in, hold on, bail, this on me
spin this b~tch right back around, i seen a n~gga fall, i’m tryna stand over the b
if i’m outside in public, a n~gga, he muggin’, i’m blowin’ it right though the tee
me and 2much, we ridin’, yeah, we love violence, clap him up, now he deceased
take ‘nem and ob wildin’, seenin’ the kit, we takin’ him down for a fee
still post up on the block with a big~ass ten, with a switch on the back on repeat
spinnin’ through thinkin’ you violent, turnin’ sh~t down, we know that we startin’ the beef
long live ty the savage, he was the one, you couldn’t tell sh~t in the streets
and captohot love blastin’, he like john wick out here blowin’ two heats
the scene so tragic, left a n~gga outside gasin’, talkin’ ’bout, “help me, please”
[verse 3: mikemike]
i like rappin’ ’bout violence, but i got the voice, so he like a parent really
standin’ all over his body, shots to his face, won’t stop ’til his brains is leaked
we just ridin’ in traffic, switchin’ the benz, we left that hot~ass jeep
caught that boy up on his block, i would say his name, just know his ass got some feet
callin’ up your lil’ b~tch, i really don’t like her, but she eat d~ck like a feast
bailin’ right out of the car and i’m like giannis, i’m duckin’ no sh~t like a beast
and we ain’t even talk ’bout violence, let’s talk about me and how i’ma run up some cheese
young n~gga finna get rich, i’ma bust down a carti’ or buy me a new ap

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