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lirik lagu mourn in silence – fallen


d-mned the will today it wants a brother as its enemy
you to whom the libra of justice was entrusted.

“light dissolved in ego falls in pleasure of defeact,
unspeable secret of true, this cry’s for your victim”
you showing yourself without veils,
and brandishing the sword blind ardor hides reason.
… no, not tears, not for me!

i cond-mned you to fall!
just i word i keep for you… war!

from blood and from mud new shapes will grow
and new hands will fight into darkness,
for me that i know how to love my sons.

“now i evoke the bolds
now i lead the army of courage,
new missio is calling,
for expanding the fears in the skies
and revealing the road,
come to me… sons!