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lirik lagu mof – hi by the way


moving in disguise, one step of the time
with a brain full of sl!ck slang
~ two words enough to desctribe the world like jin and jang
never mind, still my patois eats the mic by savage bites
when hunger is the way of life there’s no assuaging appetite
i only learned how to enforce the sceems
i cannot freestyle
though i may freeze time
on a beat
inflict a tought to uplift the spirit
snap to a flow
when the rhythim is on
lyrics are cl!cking
i am zoning out lingering in that
delirious state of mind
so dully blutt, i deliver with a clеan cut
lyricly i represent a savagе of a writer
with every body part
and even b~lls, i got
and even dirty harry would’t find out
how the f~ck i burried the body so clever
do it in a fine print manner. h~llo!


i’m in a gang which is menace to a narrow mind frame
we overcome weaknesses like it ain’t no thing
my family tree consists of warriors
so that you don’t feel easy
you may blame your losses on the fact of my birth
i’m in a quest for the ideas wealth, could not care less about your net worth
that existence of yours is a fatass wh0re
i am with the muse beautifully curved
living the wedded bliss
i am a free mind, i am a man ~ i don’t give into the politics
all i need is the mic for a public relation
now let me set it straight before this sh~t gets lost in translation
i just came to say what up the the hip~hop nation. h~llo!

i don’t even come to stay ya’ll. i just want to let everyone know grateful i am to experience a movement of such a raw breautily, power, magnitude and realness. something i just needed to say ya’ll

my fate is beautiful and tough
my fath in self is strong
that’s what i know from being a minority
and the question of authority
is decided by the equal~sided coin flipped by an anarchist
we win the day we stop beleaving the profit driven powerhouses
you never really had a freedom of choice
all you truly know is how to check the to~do list
the first task of which is to acquiesce
with a truth steadily twisted you are bound to be insane
now tell me what it is when my hypothesis sounds like a prophecy
while i’m jut bored with the modern state of thing. h~llo!

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