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lirik lagu m!kele – okok


[intro: mia k]
mikele you made this?

[chorus: m!kele]
yeah, yeah, yeah, (ooh), (mmm), woo, woo, woo (be my boy, yeah)

[verse 1: m!kele, lilly eliza, sureja lloncari]
yeah tripped in the street, was caught by his mans. took a flight all the way to dexter, all the way to j~pan (yeah). broke their stuff, we caught (yeah) a big ban (ahh). ain’t no ticking, ain’t no london. making some money, we call it a band. we making some music we up in the (alright, slatt, slatt, hold on) band [scream]. george michael (hold on, hold on) this sh~t, we making it wham. this gun go blam (this gun go blam). this b~tch she all on my mans, go throw it, back it again [laughter]. she gon’ throw it, back on my mans [laughter]. we gon’ f~ck, f~ck in the sand. we gon’ f~ck, [laughter] f~ck to the

[verse 2: m!kele, ~rs~n gnatyshyn, selina akkus]
yeah, ok ok (grr, pow, grah, grah). b~tch i’m the top floor boss and i did not come here to play (play). b~tch on my d~ck, she screaming, she screaming, (ooh) no new york but this doa. ok (yeah), get out my face, now we driving on waze, this b~tch all day, but this ain’t no kanye (aye). had to reverse that sh~t, can’t yet, i can’t, put it on face (ok). bad b~tch on me, and she ready to die, she gon’ die for the sh~t on her waist [?} (ok). choppa on me, and it’s ready to shoot, motherf~ckers ready to spray (ok). ok ok (ok, ooh)

[verse 3: cjrunninshi, m!kele, bilen 16, hoho]
free my n~~~a claudio, ok ok (ok ok), you know i’m turnt, not on bang (not on bang). imma buy me a benz, like my n~~~a what happened to your mans? (like). spin again, we gon’ up it on sight (ok ok). with a gun and we shooting all night (night, grah, night). hold on, hold on, let me switch up the flow real quick. i might just spin on my bike (ok). i’ll shoot the strap like a (?). smoking on [smoke], got me high as a kite (grr). don’t play with me or ima’ up it on sight (bow). gun no suppressor, we shooting on site. driving this plane, yeah we so f~cking high (ooh, ooh). reacting to jordan but this ain’t no flight (alright). stop acting like you on some sh~t (ooh), (?) got hit in his sh~t, (?) a b~tch and she know. got the dough from mexico, selling weed, selling dope (ooh)

[outro: cjrunninshi, m!kele, igor m$}
selling dope, mexico [coughing]
{synths start}
ooh, ahh, ooh, ahh



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