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lirik lagu miksevan – caps


heard you rap small like a noodle
hope you get burned by a poodle
i make art all you do is drool
yo momma is fat, talking bout some shoe
you getting roasted by yo boy mik
call up yo girl i heard she made a hit
she got out that house than she take my fit
she gon show me what is that sheet
please stop yo rhymes are terrible
imma bout to turn into an animal
slice…cut straight to the thorat
ice cold boy when im on up the flow
yo raps dude, smell like bit
smell like the end of the pigs week
do the boss and im gon be sick
you be drowned my thoughts with those as n t–th

i dont have to fuss to spit bars
all i need to do is keep this battery charged
throw me on da crowd, looking for my gown
with these fudging haters that im bout to bow
by the way, albert lets do a vid
but hey, im a rapper and im so lit
big shout outs to my fans yo
we be heading through the top baby on the go
and change those lyrics, you do is citrus
with da ruckus
like young dirt imma deck his halls
aint no losing but you slipping those b-lls
man, yo raps are lame like they should be
if you wanna rap just do it maybe
awwww, they thinking they cute
rather taking them tosses than taking to boos