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lirik lagu mikes revenge, jimmy wit an h & junior charles – gang shit


[verse 1: jimmy wit an h]
whole lotta gang sh~t, what you thinkin’?
this is not no game sh~t, who you playin’ with?
i know people sayin’ sh~t
like the way i put it down
how it’s lookin’ now, check it ’round the town
you could’ve probably did it better, but i doubt it
we set the stage, [?]
it’s only hot when we around it
make these p~ssies hold they nose
them n~ggas drownin’
had to make a way, i had to make it out the county
whole lotta gang sh~t
this is not no game sh~t
who you playin’ with?
i know people sayin’ sh~t
(whole lotta~)


[verse 2: junior charles]
haters around your neck, holdin’ it up to his left
homies puffin’ that gas
you smell it, you hold your breath
don’t disrespect, the dead will get you checked (on my g’)
we see you flex but we are not impressed
’cause i’ve been grindin’ for a while
you don’t know how long it took me
[?] a man proud, that’s where the [?] me
when i look you in your eyes i’m waitin’ for you to push me
but i smell, i smell, i smell p~ssy
get it how you live it, you need the [?], you fool
how am i supposed to chill when i got homies on the news
i do this with a purpose, i ain’t had no time to choose
get this money, feed the block, i ain’t got no time to lose
go ahead, [?] dead
heard about the networth
got your chick, pull up to the crib and get the networth
leg day every day, whole team gonna pull worth
[?] better look first
(whole lotta~)