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lirik lagu mezzrow (swe) – the final holocaust


nuclear disaster, armageddon is here
dark clouds are filling the sky
people are screaming, millions will die
as you begin to wonder why
there is no meaning when no one can win
extermination of our human race
nuclear radiation will poison us all
and the final curtain … will fall

the surrounding enemy
is burning the town
no mercy is given today
their missiles are flying over your head
and without a warning you’re dead
they’re k!lling with pleasure
torture & maim
our civilization has crumbled down
annihilaton’s completed
when death has arrived
as the world cries in despair

radiation is raining from the sky
destruction this is the final holocaust

the bombs keep on falling
from out of the sky
devastating our whole dying world
and when it is over
when there is nothing left
then we all have died
this nuclear battle was the final war
but no one will live to tell
the blast has come and wiped us out
darkness is here to stay
poisoned air in darkened skies
flows across the land
everything is silent
we have ceased to exist
as the earth takes its … final breath




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