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lirik lagu meccccca – sand n*gger


[chorus: mecca]
last week, my momma died
last week was the, first time i done seen my poppa cry
and (uh), they prophesied that
i wouldn’t survive, and (uh), i proved them wrong
and (uh), i move along
and (uh), bang on my chest

they, sendin’ subliminal shots at my bulletproof vest
but i’m, still unimpressed
cos’ they say i’m the best, imma have to attest
the, people oppressed, by a, political mess
communal unrest
this ain’t no joke, ain’t no jest
can’t catch a break, no recess

[verse 1: mecca]
my haters they catching loses
messiah a rap god
i’m on the crosses
you win and you lose
it’s just part of the process
micheal jordan
i’m on the offense

[verse 3: mecca]
(yet to be written)

[verse 4: mecca]
why do yall wanna say it so badly
does it make you feel tough?
does it make you feel manly?
and while you working hard, got a house and a yard
i gotta work twice as hard just to feed my family, n-gga
but you -ssume i spend my money on alchohol, brandy
but sadly, this is the life i been living
a reality
i ain’t making greens so it ain’t much of a salary
claim fake news, then go watch that f-ggot n-gga hannity
sh-t finna drive me crazy
car crash with my insanity, n-gga

[to be continued]
produced: highself
co-produced: mecca
written: mecca