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lirik lagu mc tweeza, lemonadedrinker1488 – murder rape edge 9000


canada expelling diplomat accused of targeting mp michael chong’s family

driver who allegedly struck 18 pedestrians is identified

brood x cicadas are screaming about s~x in georgia, and cops are tired of hearing about it

virginia teen dies from sand hole collapse in north carolina

police case against woman for beating up niece, 13, with sticks: cops

el chapo’s sons fed enemies to tigers, tortured them with chillies and corkscrews

man accused of domestic violence unleashes dog on woman officer in kеrala

maharashtra man gets life sentеnce for k!lling brother, chopping his body

man k!lls wife, chops body into pieces, hides them in empty water tank

long beach man fatally shot by police in utah after he k!lled brother, set fire to his home

[verse 1]
k!ll her and hang her and shove a nail up her p~ssy
im so edgy
rape and k!lling~~yeahhh
no sh~t i listen to black metal you f~cking female
you p~ssies dont get it, you’ll never get it, its not a phase
i listen to music from norway
this guy named varg in france tried k!lling n~ggers
no mom i dont watch spongebob anymore im edgy
im gonna blow off my head in your front yard if you leave me b~tch
ill ruin your life and give you ptsd from my death
i f~cking love that n~gga garfield



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