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lirik lagu mc lars – no logo


(feat. jesse dangerously)

straight up – i’m an anarchist – politically extreme
you’ll find me down at kinkos printing anti-corporate zines
my stencil graffiti is rebellious and defiant
nothing says revolution like andre the giant
you know the science on the mayans and twenty-twelve, with
government thugs covering up, lizard people with many selves
voting is collaborating, only thing i’m advocating
is raising awareness of my awareness and self-congratulating
starbucks is the devil, adbusters told me so
i wear my che guevera shirt to subvert the status quo
the government is lying to you and me
bush knocked down the towers, literally
yeah he strapped himself with c4 and piloted two planes
like bill pullman in id4, bootlegged as loose change
who’s sane when you claim he didn’t plan it with hussein?
they’re one crew signed to different labels, like wu-tang

i’ve got naomi kelin on my mind (no logo)
read her whole book because she’s fine (no logo)
you’ll find me down at wal mart with an anarchy sign
because dude, it’s a fricking anarchy sign! (no logo)
i’m not racist, you’re sensitive, geez (no logo)
frankly, racism has poor brand ident-ty (no logo)
i’m saying though, i don’t see colour, we’re all the same, bro
like… one… big… rainbow (no h-m-! and stop)

[verse 2:]
because mom and dad tried to hold me back (back)
suburban america is not where it’s at (at)
i bought a noam chomsky book with my dad’s credit card (irony)
became an expert on world politics – it wasn’t that hard
now i haven’t read howard zinn, but i’m sure he’d agree with me
that power’s influence can be seen most egregiously
to corrupt, you supersuckers pay your taxes, follow all their
laws… i’m taking down the system with my blog.
are you part of the problem or part of the solution?
i climb overp-sses, spray painted “stop the pollution”
i’m always at the dmv shouting “anarchy”
pay my taxes the last minute intentionally (what!)
and eventually, you conventional sheep will see that it’s meant to be
that man’s emanc-p-tion from lands and nations take place in this century
naturally, very little will actually change politically
except we’ll all just do whatever we want… me, specifically.

check my ipod and you’ll see (no logo)
i only download indie label cd’s (no logo)
bought a banksy print on ebay on buy nothing day
just to stick it the man ironically (no logo)
governments have outlived their usefulness (no logo)
you sheeple just aren’t ready for my truthfulness (no logo)
it’s my god-given right as an american to speak as i please
love it or leave it, this is freedom at its gruesomest (no logo) or leave it, this is freedom at its gruesomest (no logo)

it’s the n-o-l to the o-g-o
the n-o-l to the o-g-o
the n-o-l to the o-g-o
the n-o-l to the o-g-o

barack hussein? ehillary banks? eed mccain? e
three sides of the same coin as far as i’m concerned! e
if i can’t smoke a doob on a airplane and talk to b-tches however
i want, the real terrorists have already won! e… or did they?

and stop! yeah! and stop.

stop exploiting independent muscians mainstream america.
this is a song for you. it’s from the heart.
get off our d’s. and by that i mean the d batteries we have to buy to pay to fuel our studios.


no logo…. and stop.