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lirik lagu mayday (uk) – telegram veteran


bids on telegram
nuked 4 accounts this week i’m a telegram veteran
said to ling bao what you tryna sell a man
told em keep it brief and don’t send a letter man
if you send a picture make sure that it disappears
if this one is a switcha make sure no~one interferes
if it all goes wrong then you best sent some volunteers
before i jam it in the net like cleveland cavaliers
wanna do some online shopping but babe its all good i got 15 gift cards
put what you want in the trolley then wait one sec i just need to swap a simcard
use a fake name on a fake page new account last 4 times since i been barred
hurry up quick its on 3% might have to ditch this if it ain’t a quick charge

bro wanna battle but this ain’t papa doc
bro wanna battle but this ain’t don’t flop
bro wanna battle it ain’t where you wanna be
told him go make a move like you’re garyvee
go start a vlog do something
new york ting says i’m sweeter then pumpkin
little does she know that i be help shipping funds in
ask me if she could help i said no sorry can’t just jump in
it’s a big operation
i got people waiting
if you did the equation
you’d see that i’m just __
anyway sorry not valid
phone shouting like dj khaled
3 pings in a row means i gotta move rapid
if you get the ~55 trust me you’re added
fluent in google translation
might have to flip the script in any situation
call me kevin lee so they think i’m malaysian
but kevin lee could be seen as caucasian
sometimes it takes some persuasion
avoiding suspicion call that tactic nice evasion
soon as the deals done then we start invasion
but till then we have a nice conversation

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