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lirik lagu max b – picture me rollin


(i walk the streets alone) it’s a priviledge
(i walk the streets alone)
suttin’ you can’t do baby
that’s another topic, let’s give it to ’em

[verse 1:]
them n-gg-z need to hit me with my grip
i want it now, i’m a ride on these b-tches till i get it
i’m comin’ down to the studio, we know where ya be, you can hide, but you can’t run
get that b-tch from me, here her man come
jealous like a little green monster
these b-tches just flashin’ money, maxi i really want ya
i just wanna start a lil’ familay
b-tch, what ya talkin’ ’bout, your daddy think i’m a pimp and ya mother can’t stand me
candy, brought her on her birthday
f-ck is the pd3, n-gg-z is gettin’ thirstay
lip sing, dammit that’s my joint max, when you tryna put it out
she said my d-ck is the best, so when you tryna pull it out
all my n-gg-z hoodied out, hooded up
now whisper it in her ear, then tell me if it’s good enough
shorty coulda fronted but she didn’t man, pump and steady pitchin’ man
got me duckin’ the fuzz, somebody’s gonna get ya man, d-mn

just let me live my life with’ you
(just let me live my life with’ you)
i can cook, clean, and cater and be nice to you, oooooh
lil’ n-gg- you just mad i won’t write with’ you
you ain’t never seen a n-gg- prolific like the bigga so let go
picture me rollin’

[verse 2:]
i be speakin’ to my brother
he told me keep the pressure on these n-gg-z, never trust ’em
they test you, m-th-f-ck ’em
n-gg- gida gettin’ big, smoked and stroll, he said “biggavel’…
watch them n-gg-z you with”, then he lit up a l
gotta give ’em that, bigga mannin’ up, n-gg- bounced back
gain greene, bottle of the cru, blow a ounce back
see the boy finally on his sh-t, he so handsome
momma, she in love with’ her grandson
love his chubby cheeks and his nice skin
lookin’ like his daddy back in ’80 when he was just a baby
maybe, one day he can be a star, just like his poppa was
only f-cks with the sour, that’s how i get a proper buzz
lemme tell you how i was, wild lil’ n-gg- in the streets
n-gg- don’t sleep, runnin’ from the police
o.g. told me, step on n-gg-z, had to get to the top
n-gg- we non-stop, n-gg- we gon’ pop


picture me rollin’ baby
boss don biggavel’, oh man
shout ot my boy, yung los, on the beat
musical genius, yeah
it’s gain greene baby
domain pain, art of lip singin’
so wavy, gotta love it, oww

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