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lirik lagu max b – letter to stack bundles


[starts off with the beat of jadakiss’: “letter to b.i.g.”.]

what’s good my n-gg-?
feel i write you a lil’ kype!
let you know what’s going on here…

dear mr. rayquon elliott! – they knew you as stacks. (bundles!)
i didn’t mean to call out your alias.
you pro’ly think i’m being rebellious. – but that ain’t the case! (no!)
you turnin’ over in ya grave.
listenin’ to flows thta n-gg- spit
that me and you help develop
and oh, i f-cked that n-gg- b-tch;
reminisce the days in the studio – we was makin’ hits
can i roll with’ you, crunch time
hooks, no punchlines. – crooks, no one time.
we was all wave, look at now! (look!)
jim only sold 10 thou!
put his men down, they ain’t have a shot,
put a lil’ -rs-nal together, yung los, mustard and al pac!
how hot? – n-gg-z think they are when they up against
dropped the quarantine! – all the b-tches in love with’ it.
see me after shows, gimme groupie love! – copped the 750-l.i. (l.i.!)
when they see me in the coupe they love, lugie up
copped a new crib for my wifey.
’bout to start trial. – marty, my prosecutor, tried to knife me.
tried to put me back in the oranges,
they want filet mignone. – cheese grits, and omelets problems just
always had me heart in it
told you from the jump that he’s a creep! – money was just a part of it.
n-gg- wanted both our styles, my hooks, your flows!
our song! – chrissy was in the car alone
all the while! – he was out at nights, eye twerkin’
puttin’ together waves, we was surfin’. – n-gg- came burstin’
flyin’ through the doors tryna kick my wh-r-s out on the street (d-mn!)
after i’m three songs deep
now i got my own lab, two mac pros
got the digi-3 pro tools!
bigga got the vocal! – bigga got the (got the…) – soul food!
chicken, macaroni with the cheese, that’s my homie now – big mook!
o.f.o.! – he tried to slow me down! – told me nephew showed discipline
p-ssy ain’t’ money, time to get it in.
n-gg- these b-tches come late and get ya paper, did the bid
but the n-gg- got 8 kids
anyway! – back to the matter at hand. – it’s all the songs
everybody on hot 9, they usin’ autotunes!
n-gg-z is not wavy! – gravy – played the b.i.g. movie
i went to see it, woozy, moody!
and on that note! – i’m ’bout to end this sh-t
squa-squaaad up! – really i’m representin’, ch’eah!

representin’ baby!
my letter to stack bundles!
let ya know what’s goin’ on!
pro’ly turnin’ over in ya grave!

[bridge: male sings (outro in the background)]
i love my family! (f-ckin’ with’ this man)
i love the way that we used to be! (got me against the ropes!)
n-gg-z is gettin’ trees
see i got that sour d’s and that juicy juicy (boss don biggavel’!)
baby you found my name. (o.f.o!)
we at the penthouse, let these hoes stay-yay (r.i.p. stack baby!)
tell me why the road turned

n-gg- ain’t do one of these!
where’s the dedication, where’s the homage?
f-ck him!
i got you n-gg-!
got so many hits together dog!
so crazy…
so wavy…
m.o.b. 1!
so many songs man!
letter to stacks
boss don biggavel’!

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