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lirik lagu marv47.wav – on my mind


[verse 1: fortune]
ice cold chillin’, my nights grow business
you fishes ain’t work hard as lipo fitness or
whatever you call that, fall back, your boys’ strapped with the big mac
totin’ big gats, n~ggas aiming for your six pack
that’s total impact in fact his brain
isn’t totally in tact (fragments)
let me break down in simple terms
while i’m in your girls menstrual purse (i’m f~cked up)
and little words are so many, little verses are plenty
i got sk!lls for real, still bills to k!ll, no stress though
celibate and still having s~x though, swipe it like a presto
with a pesto, let’s go
pump me up, with a still lit blunt
when i pass i’ma still bucked
that sucka n~ggas’ b~tch will still get f~cked
while i’m alive it’s undeniable
that i burn hotter than a motherf~cking fire do
catch me chillin’ with the lions and the tigers too
i’m only sippin’ on the finest of the finest brews b~tch

[verse 2: marv47.wav]
yeah, straight from the pen
left alone in this room, just me and my thoughts
gotta find a queen in a pile full of thots ,uh
caller of shots, mafia lethally boss, actions are critical
messages clear and direct, f~ck subliminals
flying out every season like the birds do
gettin’ all this money, i’m left eating all the bird food
(that’s bread b~tch)
if it’s going there it’s cause i said it
say what i want, if i don’t i’m gon’ regret it
working hard, need debit to become credit
showin’ out suckers need to know that i’m committed
levels are fitted, beats produced, and now it’s written
that’s how i stay livin’
stay livin’
without this rap sh~t i be straight sinnin’
but now we winnin’ got our own funky style up
girlies ain’t trippin’ got they insert of they mouth flippin’
moods uplifted when me and julio microphone rippin’
for eternity yeah it’s liquor sippin’
kush burnin’ got my mind skippin’

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