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lirik lagu mario william vitale – push out power (p.o.p.)


push out power p.o.p

belly of the beast i stand to repeat bungle in the jungle is it any wonder
clean out my closet as its toxic moments in time a deep dope rhyme chilled from behind
yesterday it used be casual to stay in style the call of the wild like a little child fancy free
p.o.p. coming gushing outside you and me i came to agree in my humility
love is the mere essence of my meager existence learn to shun each resistance
every circ-mstance learn to take part in the dance with the spinning wheel
the prince of the power of the air that doesn’t even care about your self worth inside

sugar is sweet so sweet like honey i’m going to be the man who brings home the money
ain’t nothing phoney you can breath through a whole host of leaves let’s look above
through a whole host of thoughts a brigade of the lost love comes in many forms
to treasure a red rose that was plucked a time before it moves through the trees with leaves
dig ever bit deeper then ever before come together no matter what the weather
in a time well spent in thought a mere notion of a whisper why should we care
just a faint cry the solace through the moment laden with cadence
come together through the pinnacle of a dream share with each other words of love

i got my p.o.p. living out my legacy with all my dreams got great plans you understand
the streets are uneasy the rhymes they just flow bust up the beat to promote the tempo
a double feature type show rolling the bones standing room only you phoney
let us not to pretend hold your breath and count to the number ten
feelings of rapture i capture the taskmaster running a bit faster