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lirik lagu magnificent records – vibes


if you tune online or live to 97.3
or if your hooked on social media to 97.3
you’re the vibe
you’re the vibe
you’re the vibe
you’re the vibe
vibes fm
vibes fm

never a dull moment you know we no dey ball
every time we rock we rock you to the core
when you marry vibes you no go want another wife
na we dey play you jams wey dey bang for another life
we no dey waste time we deliver frequently
97.3 is the dopest frequency
no restrictions you can yarn with any diction
give you latest info help you make the best decision
we give you correct programs wey go help you work soft
and we are blazing a trail na we dey top spot
we give you gossip we get connection like hotspot
you work with us e go put you on a top sport
welcome to vibesfm we are blazing a trial
we ahead ogbeni we ain’t the tail
we keeping it 100 cos we all the way up
[?] it’s time to wake up coz it’s time to wake up
vibes ride with me coz it’s daybreak benin
walk around the hood with my radio with me
i’m out the house and i’m live at kings square
my head phones on tuned to committee square
tryna stay updated with the news and info
sports and gossip na so the tin go
for the midday here i’ll be on to swinglow
i like the balance i like the tempo and the flow
my way out now and i’m stuck in traffic
name it, you already know it’s 052 traffic
it’s friday night and i’ve got to party
tune into vibes cos we dey house party

vibes fm 97.3
we blazing a trail