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lirik lagu mac miller – melvin


i ‘invite to perform anomaly
i formally ‘to the normally
well round the humanity
‘i move ‘
wait the new christ and no judas
…when i face on this’
this …that i losing got time to watching p-ssing ‘
thinking ’bout how they ‘
your little sister probably kill you for an autograph
i tell the b-tch ‘
all black dance but the inside is a ‘
drop bombs and hardly kills you ‘
you got that one homie you’ll be f-cking with no pills
‘medicate and natural’
‘to turn the ‘dip out and’out
to the jungle zipping out the ‘
say it’s a bad luck to go sit ‘
so me and my homies we’ll be splitting my ‘sh-t
would you wash the feed ‘
when it’s coming for your ‘go to jail this time