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lirik lagu mac miller – la familia


feeling like a scholar, gotta keep my grades up
hear the same stuff everyday from these lame f-cks
this whole game rough kick you while you down
and, none of these motherf-ckers gonna miss you why you out

i use to sit around the house, waiting for some dollars
now i’m out grinding, chasing after dollars
i ain’t a star just wasting all my dollars
we here for life ya’ll fade away tomorrow

pause, roll the dice like a board game
i’m sleeping with your girl and i don’t even know the wh-r-s name
so magnificent quick to spit to kill this sh-t
these b-tches is illiterate and this is some deliverance

no bubba sparks talking carl malone
snake bite i hinge my jaw and swallow you whole
on my own path throwback dope rap
the room stops for me? or ghost rap

ya’ll fragile, broke gl-ss coming with no swag
i be counting numbers no math failing cl-ss
but i’m scholarly rap properly
knowledge speaks with the verbal trigonometry

real slick like i’m climbing out the foxes hole
keep your grades up b-tch no honor roll