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lirik lagu mac miller – bird call


quack, quack

[verse 1]
i’m chilling for an hour, smoking weed, watching worldstar
benz in the garage, probably got to drive your girl car
you ain’t a rapper, of course, never heard y’all
i just spit a punchline, so now i need a bird call
hit your sister in the face with a nerf ball
i’m dealing with some sh-t that really don’t concern y’all
punch a fan if you get a f-cking word wrong
i’m wavy, get me some sh-t that you can surf on
finding me a b-tch i can swerve on
frank thomas homie, about to put the hurt on
your b-tch a night light in bed, she turned on
throw some weed, tell her burn one

[hook] (repeated)
burn one, burn one, burn one, burn one
burn one, burn one, burn one, burn one

[verse 2]
yea, i used to give a f-ck about success
now i just want to see mila kunis undress
posted down for b-tts-x, it will be a c-m fast
sorry that’s some sh-t i had to confess
crazy -ss b-tch doing 911 threats
came in the game smoking newport hundreds
now i’m at the top and the crown fit
gold on my outfit
surrounded by some p-ssy, i’mma drown in
got that wet pack, b-tch come and give me that
you know we want to know where them t-tties at
got ‘em g-ssed, they be asking what i’m cooking with
got your little brother asking moms where the p-ssy is
corruption, stuntin’ at the function
your girl p-ssy smell like sour cream & onion
pay attention, you’ll learn something
roll that weed up, burn one