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lirik lagu m.i.k.3 – moonwalker


(verse 1: m.i.k.3)
i’ma take her sh~t
and clean my fist
what a real f~cking shocker
i’ll take the first hit
and cut her wrists
what real a show stopper
i’ma take a b~tch & f~cking knock her
then slit the wrist of a tik~toker
they get real p~ssed from a gravewalker
you’re spine will twist when i slaughter
death is the enemy
f~ck a b~tch and rest in peace
music is the end of me
every night i loose a piece
of all my f~cking empathy
to make a f~cking masterpiece
someone make a remedy
to feed this f~cking beast
(verse 2: dexndre)