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lirik lagu qusai – unity

[verse 1: qusai]
it’s the return of the crazy one…yes indeed
energetic like the flames of the sun as i proceed
i got the game locked and been in it for 9 years
still doing it underground with my unique sound
versatility is what i’m bringing to the table
uplift my people representing my label
cuz i continue to strive for my destination
i put my soul on it and die for it with no hesitation
i’m from the lab where the eyes don’t sleep
cuz we suffering from what they call the insomniac disease
working hard day and night and living to entertain
i bring the drama to your mama causing trauma to the brain
if you doubt my abilities and how i rock well
now are you capable to witness the power of the l?
i’m a living legend loving the life that i’m leading
labeling my l-st as a lost that i’m leaving

- lirik lagu qusai