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lirik lagu 1000 bombs – 1000 bombs


roar above, deep in the sky
like a wrath calling for victims
iron birds ready to snap up their prey
waiting for the iron rain

columns of flickering lights
cutting the sky, biting the darkness
ominous sound bringing the panic
rain of iron! rain of death!

angels of annihilation arriving from heaven
thousands of bombs shading the sun
rumbling sky, shaking ground, whizzing iron
burnt ground behind, death behind us

flying pain high over all
far rumbling of the leaving storm
heavy load received by the ground
scars on earth are hard to heal

one thousand bombs
one thousand bombs
make it rain!

tactic and strategic bombing
city ruins in fire, helpless screaming
death rising from the quiet sky
scr-ps of bodies writhing in the smoke and dust

holding the formation, closer to the next target
sign of the destruction, silhouettes of fuselages
aim! open! release falling death
cities´ll taste the rain of a thousand bombs