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lirik lagu lyricalgenes – the god flow


i’m far from satisfied
that’s why i need a little bit more

lemme break it down
this the god flow
learn some teach some what do i know
look left look right where do i go
this real life it is not show
come alive at night like a freak show
get seats sold when you come and see me though
imma different breed yo
as good as it gets
not one not two but three goats
sing songs like do re mi fa so la ti do
crunch time better make all free throws
be nothing less than a hero

get pesos
need guap on top of queso
get paid for lines fuego
always from songs that i wrote
for each flow
but you know
scream every word from my throat
pen and paper my notes
some fall for traps i don’t
illuminate thoughts like the vatican pope
check artifacts they storing in rome
sphinx in egypt cut off the nose
and hope some don’t know
i’ll have you know
trust you as far as i can throw
speak nonsense in a microphone
i’m one man but dont work alone
this the god flow

i’m far from satisfied
that’s why i need a little bit more
lemme break it down
hold up

this the god flow
can’t take everybody in the catacombs
not playing games eeny miny moe
if anybody holler let em go

i’m coming back bitter than ever
based on talent i’d be in the himalayas with every endeavor
they lost my respect forever
middle finger is the gesture
not a fan you a heckler
our relationship severed
coming back that’s a never
you got that

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