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lirik lagu luke bryan – small town favorite


small town favorite

[verse 1]
how do you turn a scholarship down,
tear up a ticket, already punched,
and watch a dream die?
who’s gonna tell me how
to face daddy
and watch momma cry?
have i thrown my future away?
played my last football game?
it all seems so strange
how in just one night
your whole life can change.

wish this old john deere had wings
and this cotton row was an airstrip
straight outta here.
wish this high noon georgia sun
could melt what’s been done
make it disappear.
if i could leave, i’d be gone,
but that’s just one more thing done wrong
by this small town favorite son.

[verse 2]
by fall they’re all gonna know
our little secret
my baby holds inside.
by then she’ll be startin’ to show,
and i’ll be the husband
to a shotgun bride.
i already miss that sound
the marching bands and the cheering crowds.
stuck here in this red dirt ground
knowin’ i, i let everybody down.


that high noon georgia sun
can’t melt what’s been done.
girl, i’ll be right here
i don’t know much about life
but i know what’s right
for this small town favorite son.

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