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lirik lagu louie ray – coochie towel


[intro: louie ray]
(enrgy, made this one)
f~ck, enrgy, you trippin’ dawg
enrgy, man you trippin’
aye, okay
yeah, yeah, alright
i’m tryna f~ck, i’m tryna f~ck, i’m tryna, alright

[verse 1: louie ray]
i’m tryna f~ck with kash doll, cause i heard it was impossible
i’m jumpin’ over all the bust downs, like they’re obstacles
we beat the doonies down and went gold, it’s remarkable
tryin’ to do the same thing twice gon be hard to do
turn around and poke it in the air, i’m a coochie vet
d~mn the coochie wet
could go some days without the cat, but i miss the neck
can’t say you really bust her down, you ain’t get the neck
gone and sign me to nike ‘nem, cause i get the check
i be havin’ p~ssy waitin’, i forget the check

[verse 2: yn jay]
mad as h~ll i fell asleep off drank, i forget the neck
i don’t wanna eat by myself, get the pie, i’ma split the check
b~tch work at a restaurant, don’t forget the tip
b~tch monkey hangin’ out her pants, she got coochie lips
thick booty b~tch, ass fat, she got juicy hips
i just hit this b~tch that was pregnant, she my newly b~tch
[verse 3: louie ray]
i’ma put it in her raw like i knew the b~tch
dr. miami got her right, like he drew the b~tch
my cali b~tch look like a kardashian, but she [?]
don’t think you gon get over cause you cute, i’ll shoot a b~tch

[verse 4: yn jay]
hold on, don’t think you gettin’ over, that is not happenin’
you need a role in a movie, you won’t stop actin’
i don’t miss when i shoot my shot, i just drop baskets
a.i. put me in the game, i do not practice
i don’t want no fast car, i just might crash it
applause, i pulled up with a drum, it won’t stop clappin’
n~gga said he was gon do what? that did not happen
n~gga said he deep up in that water, need a life jacket
hmmm, i hit her from the back, i beat the groupies down
she squirtin’ on my bed, i need a coochie towel
b~tch f~cked the whole hood, that lil coochie foul
b~tch on the road 30 days, she got coochie miles

[verse 5: louie ray]
d~mn, i can smell it through the leggings, her coochie loud
d~mn, she be fightin’ over d~ck, the coochie wild
this b~tch came werewolf, the coochie howled
they all came off of us, this the coochie crowd
and since we got y’all attention, we still callin’ boosie out
she ain’t tryna f~ck, stop the car and kick the coochie out