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lirik lagu lost to the void – in disgust


at last we’ve arrived to the front of all hypocrisy
manipulated to malice excusing indulgence
in our own destructive ways
all life concludes final chapter is burnt and closed which has left me
beside myself
while everyone else seems to have found their place
content with being oblivious ignorant and

willingly disgraced

i’ve become everything i’ve never wanted to be
thе very thing i loathe has becomе one with me
a sickening lying double crossing sack of sh~t betraying what made me me
no desire to build
unless to k!ll gone and joined the mob
an utter tragedy

this mess has taken life
it consists of every bag of flesh
deprived of consideration to anything
but them f~ckin selves
what hope is left to find
when nothing’s around to give you
peace of mind

staged resistance from the shadows
nothing more than veiled compliance
move as they pull the string
the one that makes you the p~wn
you were always meant to f~ckin be
die for those who can’t be seen

you’ve been bred to k!ll
for the good of someone else
i slip the skin as i made myself
i slip the skin when i made myself
i slip the skin when i’ve made myself ill
made myself ill

enslaved to the paper
still reaching for the whisper
possessed and consumed by
an innate need to assimilate as fixtures of the modern day

it’s just the way of the world

so entranced you can’t seem to look away
no reset just regret
left wretched and bereft
must bury all decency that can be found
become the grotesque or let
them construct our fate

why act self~righteous when you never cared enough
to even pull your own weight and do your part
couldn’t hit bare minimum and said enough is enough
spare me fallacies of perseverance you’ve never stood for anything except on the shoulders of the loudest as fingers are turned so arrogantly
just another product of their environment
we are all victims of the same game
where we must adapt to survive
and deceive for our life
in turn of another’s lost

oh some ambiguous phrase about promises of a new day
pass it along like you really give a f~ck
you wither away
as i embrace in disgust

embrace in disgust

any passive thoughts have fled to the
furthest reaches in my head
you’d evolve if you could relate
surrender not to those who have
constructed this outcome
the answer is still us or them
either way the end result will be exactly the same

sad to say we never seem to see the error of our ways
continue making all the same mistakes
to this day we fear those not alike and refuse to even try and understand when it’s easier to just blow them away

can’t look past and find common ground
learn to place the blame
on those who truly stand in progresses way
only hope is to devour those who made us inhumane
look into my eyes and tell me what you see
do you see the same monster in the reflection staring back at me
a festering display of utmost moral decay
i embrace the end in disgust for the rest of days

we embrace in disgust

no light left to shine through

there’s no light left to shine through

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