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lirik lagu lloyd banks – show no love


yeah! [car tires squeal]
ya say this sh-t.
ya know?
2 g’s up!
gang green!
ggg-ggg- g-unit!
boy! [2 gunshot]

[verse 1:]
god don’t make no mistakes, it’s all written (yeah!)
that’s why i’m spittin sh-t is all rippin’. (uh!) [gunshot]
everybody rattin’ and flippin’, it’s all different! (uh-huh!)
your boy glisten. – i send them to the mortician! (huh!) [blast]
they got drama for ’em! – so the llama on ’em! (yeah!)
i’m obama strong! (yeah!) – osama gone! (yeah!)
golden diamonds on. (yeah!) – the rap’s dyin’, gone! (yeah!)
i get them all in the truck – the mack barrel’s for ’em. (haha!)
a mack, i was born! – that’s why it come natural.
i ain’t gotta hit ya. – i’ll let my son clap ya! (yeah!)
i’m aggravated and my clock’s runnin’ (runnin’!)
i’m on point like the cops comin’. (comin’!) – don’t make me drop somethin’ (whoo!) [blast]
this is for the block cousin. – the present and the past!
all i need is my money! – a desert and a mask! [shot]
you ain’t got to ask! – you ain’t gettin’ in,
me and you ain’t never been friends!

(don’t show no love!) it don’t matter who you are, what you was,
showing fake love will get you plugged. (don’t show no love!)
these fake n-gg-s giving fake hugs,
and now your blood dripping up at the club! (don’t show no love!) [gunshot]
having too many friends’ll get you rubbed,
man that’s why i move around with the snub. (don’t show no love!) [shot]
it don’t matter who you are, what you was,
showing sympathy will get you a slug. (don’t show no love!) [echoes]

[verse 2:]
uh! – 80’s baby! – 4:30 to be exact
around here, drama don’t get squashed you need a gat. (whooo!)
it’s a catch-22. – your neighborhood will be the trap
i ain’t a role model! – this sh-t’s hard enough just being black. (uh!)
you ain’t got the bling bank$ wearing. – don’t bring the hate near him!
the rap hank aaron. – candy paint glaring! (drip!)
panties on the mirror. (uh!) – a gift from shakira! (‘ey!)
her baby daddy walking – she want a 4-wheeler! (uh!) [gunshot]
she know the weather’s clearer – out in venezuela (how?)
cause i told her so – not cause i showed the hoe. (oh!)
i’m a roller yo – since a shorty bro (uh!)
my g.t’s black – my seats’ oreo! (yeah!)
we keep 40’s low – my fist’s camouflaged,
your threats bore me yo. – they’re just audio!
i got all the dough. – it brings orgies in (heey!)
smoke then i’m gone with the wind! [2 gunshots]


[verse 3:]
‘ey! – pants hangin’ off of my -ss, i ain’t a rockstar, (naah!)
i’m a hood n-gg-! – that made it off the block dawg (yeah!)
fling the bandana out window in a limo
blowing endo getting head (uh!), bopping to an instrumental. (whooo!)
keep the heavy metal in case the jack boys jump
loose lips sinks ships. – don’t get your sh-t sunk (uh!)
keep a full clip for anybody that touch the bread
light his -ss up! – jack’ o’lantern his f-ckin’ head
f-ck the wack sh-t! – i’d rather listen to buck instead!
i ain’t worried about them! – they ain’t even nothin’ dead! [gunshot]
go at them with the bernie mac tension
you spending more than you make, you hustling backwards. (haha!)
i jog through rappers, it’s nothin but practice
man, i “ja rule” rappers! – turn them into actors, (ooohh!)
uhh! – why you think they salute me when they see me?
cause half of these n-gg-s wanna be me! [blast]