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lirik lagu lloyd banks – get it how live


get it how live

i got my eye on the profit, i’ma get it how i got it
get it how i live and you n-gg-z can’t stop it
ain’t a shade for my shine, so the haters can’t block it
better days on my mind, and paper is the topic
we don’t care about no hoes dawg, y’all can take ’em wit’cha
see ya when i see ya, i ain’t gon’ miss ya
‘fore i tip a b-tch i know i’ma throw it on the strippers
i already been rich, now i’m gon’ get richer

this is that motherf-ckin music made for smokin
b-tch keep your mind on that money, don’t get caught up in your emotions
i f-ck her mouth until she chokin
and she ain’t talkin back no more, i got her gone off that potion
she got, know i just point a finger and she pop top
all over the highway in my fly–ss bentley drop, stop
you gettin outta line now, you don’t know me miss
you just gave me head, you better blow me kiss
uhh, i chuck her deuces with the froze-y wrist
“when you comin back in town?” miss me with the nosy sh-t
mary jane the only chick that i get cozy with
knockin ’em down, three at a time, posey sh-t
they been hatin on my hustle, i’m supposed to trip
45 my muscle as i touch you on a goalie tip
need to call her, f-ck her, let the homies h-t
and it’s m.o.b. for life, boy you know this sh-t


she gon’ f-ck me ’til i’m drained then i’m gone
you thinkin you gon’ come up on the bank, b-tch you’re wrong
you a punk, this ain’t yo’ song
take it from me, them b-tches there when you’re there, there when you’re gone
uh, i’m gettin to it, not your ordinary rapper deal
the package pop, she gettin slipped the morning-after pill
then i disappear, she probably snorin as i peel
fame’ll get you while you’re layin up and that’s what’s real
masterin when i’m smashin, got that m-ss appeal
uh-uh we ain’t slippin, n-gg-z trippin so we packin steel
the weather breakin, i’ma push the cadillac until
magnum block me from the spill, boy that cat can kill
i give a f-ck about a cop or catch an oil slick
i done made it out, i’ma go enjoy this sh-t
hundred thousand in a drawer that make the lawyer flip
few more just for ballin out thinkin ’bout what new toy to get, uhh