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lirik lagu lil wayne – tunechi’s back


“tunechi’s back”

man, f-ck these n-gg-s
tunechi’s back, tunechi’s back
that’s all these b-tches screaming that tunechi’s back
all eyes on me
n-gg- pict’ how i’m rollin’
strapped up with that mac
masked up like a goalie
mad my b-tch on that c-ke
she snorted 4 on the bed
now the b-tch on me
she selling p-ssy and pay me

they sayin’ tunechi’s back, tunchi’s back
and i bought them twins with me, n-gg-, click and clack
lets go

out on bail
work on the scale
put some change on ya head
boy, you on sale
yeah i see you in h-ll
pop pop get well
make breakfast cause i got you walking on egg sh-lls
zan with that lean
i ain’t a beggin’ m-th-f-cka
but n-gg- please
and i aim this m-th-f-cka at your memories
and all my n-gg-s bloods but we make you n-gg-s bleed
yeah, bl–dy mary
i’m the one with the money so i ain’t the one with the gun
all i do is give the word to the one with the gun
i’m triple og, fugue splitting the sweet
f-ck b-tches get money
mission complete

man f-ck these n-gg-s i ain’t worried bout ’em
these n-gg-s pure p-ssy, pull a pearl out em?
yeah, i got a virgin i call her madaonna
but i ain’t trippin, her head is a monster
yeah, we do this for real
swear to god i never shoot unless i’m shooting to kill
young wild m-th-f-cka pop you and a pill
boy instead of writing raps you should be writing your will
you a dead man, i get to poppin’ this b-tch
watch where your head land
i ain’t right i swear to god, i need my head scanned
stand up and eat that p-ssy while she on a head stand
i’m a dog hoe, camo cargo’s, semi auto’s
my b-tch sniff more lines than a barcode
wish i could take a shot of ciroc with pac
sorry for the wait til my alb-m drop…

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