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lirik lagu lil chromozome – quit fondling yourself


muahahahahaha! i’ve finally done it! i’ve turned my friend into a s~x doll! come here!
oh master. is it time for another ~n~l session?
almost doll, almost. but i’ve got to rap first. i’ve got some bars that i need to spit

[verse 1]
i was working at mcdonald’s
while i was there i hit some potholes
i bought my friend a big mcflurry
take it home now he gon jerk me (oh yeah)
it’s way past tickle time (that’s right)
whip out that big ol d~ck of mine (it’s big)
sorry i just got excited (i was h~rny)
you should take a chance to ride it

you should understand the lingo (why?)
p~ssy pink like a flamingo (gross)
she says it’s wrong, i don’t think so (what the f~ck?)
we staying thirsty on domingo
cuddle up in my pajamas (they’re cozy)
and i’ll bomb like i’m hamas (getting nosy)
overdosing on some charcoal (how the f~ck do you even do that?)
then stick a fork inside my fart hole! (fart)

[verse 2]
what do you think about that? (it’s kinda gross dude)
is my ass too fat? (it’s gigantic)
grab a chocolate bar it’s chewy (nom nom nom)
i wanna eat some ratatouille (that sounds pretty good right now)
spank my booty like that (spank)
make me cum like that (squirt)
drake is calling on my phone (what’d he say?)
and he said he’s home alone! (yes!)
[verse 3]
slam the money on the table
it’s for business, not to gamble (don’t touch it!)
i beat her eggs i left them scrambled (what’d you do after that?)
then i go and slam her a~hole (such a dirty ass)
beat my chest i go gorilla
party rocking i’m a k!lla (we go hard!)
i step around like godzilla (he crushed my b~lls)
got some ice cream, got vanilla (yummy!)

i dig around in your chocolate (disgusting!)
you think you tough but you not sh~t (what do you mean?)
i pushed you down the escalator (my back!)
then lock you up in the chamber
i was rewarded for my hardships (you did nothing)
he lubes me up and down my hips (that’s nice)
we leave for the country of kenya (why kenya?)
because i’ve got my own agenda (ok)

f~ck you! (what? what was that for?)
f~ck you! (bro, why do you keep saying that?)
yeah, yeah yeah yeah (stop! stop!)
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah yeah!!

oh that was straight fire on the f~cking track dude! the f~cking track!
indeed it was master. now can we do another ~n~l session?
oh wait a minute, doll i’m sorry, i forgot i invited people over for zest fest this year. it’s going to have to hold off a bit longer, can you wait?
oh, ok, i guess i can wait a little bit longer
ok, good doll, i’ll be right back, i gotta go host zest fest

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