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lirik lagu lil b – the wilderness


“the wilderness”

don’t worry about the mishaps
chin straps, headlock
we all got the same rise
we all got the same drop
2011: we all in the same pot
make a choice, you have a voice
back then, we was parted by the masters
gave us religion so we couldn’t move past it
in reality it’s all about the earth
people turn their back
because the money and its worth
now i will never work just to work
people dying every day
just to buy a t-shirt
and why college is so expensive?
people wanna learn, but there’s always some fences
i tell you like that
i move with forgiveness
people always wanna cut
but not with precision
i guess that we’re gifted
this is one life to live and i’ma live it
f-ck the critics, i’m happy: lil bars

lil bars: party and no party
people still rocking
it’s young based god, no way to stop me
stop with the hate
tell them cowards watching
signed a couple checks
and i ain’t talking deposits
this is change for
this is wannabe gangstas
people that get lost
that walks with the strangers
had no friends
i was looking for an angel
wanted the floor map
but i ain’t had no angles
now every time i see the flag
i salute to the thugs
the flag salutes back
that’s america for us
people have died just to speak for the freedom before us
now we bleeding for more stuff
people watch over
there’s clones in the hood
everybody is a soldier
and everybody with this sh-t
but don’t n-body wanna teach n-body
wanna get sick, but be caught for the crime
that’s why i keep it so real
life after life, we might not talk
but i’m fine…
i’m at peace, one love man, i fixed that beef
can’t n-body do it like that boy lil b

that’s real sh-t
you know
you tell em m-th-f-ckas to sample that..