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lirik lagu lifeseeker – galactic zombie attack


[verse 1: peruvian flake and party robot]
hanging with the party robot from that lifeseeker song (what up)
meteor hit, shockwave so strong
with a flash so bright, turned my black hair blonde
galactic zombies, piled out, party robot said, “it’s on!”
little rough around the edges, they’ve come a long way
through 40,000 solar systems half across the milky way
with some f-cked up broken helmets, silver suits half-ripped away
like skeletor with way more stench of decay
looking through my star goggles out the window, what the f-ck?!
aw, h-ll nah, let’s hit a strip club
no more funnin’, we runnin’, don’t wanna get done in
knocked zombie buck roger’s head off, that fool kept comin’
galactic zombies mobbin’ a corpus ultra modern
so i bust a rosie greir and i cold started sobbin’
jump in my transporter, i know where we should go
there’s this deep dude, doc props, he’s a righteous bro

galactic zombie attack
we sent some clones to sp-ce (and then we came back)
there’s an undead race with a taste for vengeance
to them your ears and your arms is just a light snack
galactic zombies coming through the floor
galactic zombies busting down the door
piling down your halls, punching hands through walls
you wanna f-ck with us, you better have huge b-lls

[verse 2: peruvian flake, doctor prophecy, and party robot]
re-ssembled through sp-ce to doc props’ base
checked my nuts to make sure they was in the right place
party robot said, “na na nah nah nah nah naah”
so i rocked ’em, socked ’em, robot, cl!ck-cl!ck to his jaw
saw a vapor with a taper lookin’ like naomi watts
went through half a million shapes and it settled on, doc props
said, “party robot, thought i told you never to return.”
“how was i to know a toilet could burn?”
conversation took a turn when i screamed with force
“i once saw a dude do it with a horse!”
“that’s something i could have gone all day without knowin’.”
“fear not, friends, it’s what you need to keep goin’.”
handed me a crystal with a futuristic pistol
put ’em both together for an anti-zombie missile
take the dutchman’s raft or my brand new hovercraft
straight into this time portal, zombies follow in your path
one thing to say as i took the helm
“i wasn’t kidding bout the horse!” hovercrafted out the realm
into the portal with an intense blast
we on a mission motherf-cker, now move your -ss

galactic zombie attack
we sent some clones to sp-ce (and now we came back)
there’s an undead race with a taste for vengeance
to them your arms and your legs is just a light snack
they’ll eat your whole family, say, “it tastes like chicken”
then eat their own fingers “’cause it’s finger l!ckin’!”
we tried to get away but we couldn’t get far
’cause galactic zombies have built-in radar

[verse 3: peruvian flake, doctor prophecy, and party robot]
to a prehistoric planet from the portal, we fly
’round crazy rock formations, pterodactyls in the sky
landed in the jungle, started checkin’ out the place
heard a “raaahhhhrrr” from behind, galactic zombies giving chase
brobot dancing with two bikini-clad zombie girls
d-mn, we could get jiggy on so many worlds
took the pistol from my hand and he threw it in the swamp
i said, “what the f-ck you doing?” he said “f-ck it, party on!”
approaching zombie horde, led by the zombie lord
i finally saw his face, and frankly, i was floored
it was my zombie clone, yeah, something i’d forgotten
glanced down at my hand which was looking slightly rotten
starin’ down my zombie double lookin’ just like a fiend
with an ill type swagger, so aggressive and mean
see if i wanted peace, he insisted that we fight
and there’s no way to deny in a way, he was right
still had to be the way i wanted in spite of this attack
so i jumped in my craft and i pumped up a track
’twas a white rabbit cover being played by the doors
with a back beat sounding like nas’s it’s yours
from the tape, vibrations started taking shape
through the crystal in a reversed polarity state
emanated from the speakers in the form of sound
disintegrating every single zombie around
the prehistoric land faded like a game that’s dated
i turned to brobot, he said “glad we made it.”
the sound waves destroyed ’em, “how’d you do that?”
i put the crystal in the stereo to make the b-ss fat!

galactic zombie attack
we sent some clones to sp-ce and then they came back
there’s an undead race with a taste for vengeance
to them your ears and your eyes is just a light snack
galactic zombies comin’ through the floor
galactic zombies breakin’ down your door
piling down the halls, bustin’ hands through walls
catch us wandering aimlessly through futuristic malls