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lirik lagu life b4 death – do u mind?


[intro: lb4d]
yo (ay-)

[dewey logz]
yo, right about now i’m about to ask my man twirli, “am i in the groooove?”
[man, not twirli]
“you’re in the groooooove?”

ay, ay

[verse one: twirli]
do you mind?
i’m trying to rap
i know you think you call the shots but i don’t know about that
i know my skin looks off-white but my soul is black
not talking bout ethnicity, i practice necromancy-y
when i’m summoning the dead
with my lyrics that get stuck up inside your-
think about rap
and you like that
and like this and uh
if you didn’t mind i wouldn’t be dissin’ ya

[verse two: dewey logz]
do you mind?
ay i’m rapping over here
rhymes sweet and sour made the towers disappear
over here
stands a man who will knock your block and rock the spot it’s not the glock you got it’s all about your jump shot
put your hands in the air and do solemnly swear
not to ever disrespect my crew
i’m hot like solar flare
i stretch it out
i rap rapidly
haters tryna dance with me but they don’t want to rap with me

[bridge/conversation at party: twirli & dewey]
where’s the party at?
party’s over here
i didn’t receive an invitation but i would still like to go am i still invited?
what’s your last name who do you know here?
well my frens not here yet but he..

[verse three: twirli]
ay, do you mind? just tryna get my groove on
is it a crime? i just wanna be the crouton
in your party salad
i bring that crunch
and you cuc-mbers ain’t cutting it, i got a hunch

[verse four: dewey logz]
back on the track, dirty freak dewey logz
that diarrhea mouth rapper take sh-ts on the song
am i wrong?
(yeah! yeah!…)
no, i’m right so just admit it
if you don’t think i’m the best then you should reconsider it
so if you don’t mind i’ll spit another dope rhyme this won’t be the last time, rap is my favorite past time
acutually, it’s my second favorite
but it still won’t stop, and you know it won’t stop, cause the beat won’t ever drooooooo…

[group chants: lb4d]
ah ah ah ah-ah-ahh…
ay! ay! ay! ay! ay! ay! ay! ay!
what? ay! ay! ay! ay!
ohhhhhhhhhhh! ay!

[fantastical funky keyboard solo-lo played by twirli]