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lirik lagu lee hendrix$on – life mocks art freestyle


i don’t really live what i’m rapping for federal purposes

that b~tch so geeked up she a dork
she off an addy, she on all fours
the greatest movie of his life compared to mines is really a short
718, i stay reppin new york
pigs on my ass, but baby i’ll cook em
i’m turning 12 into carnitas pork
slay mamacitas like it was a sport
winning so much i got heightened endorphins
them n~ggas never gon catch me in court
i’m winning more than the 72′ dolphins
i’m bathing in a drip like an orca
she a freak b~tch, lemme record her
she blowing me like a recordеr
got the rocket in houston like portеr
build my empire up brick and mortar
keep the racks to myself like h~~rder
that’s cap i share with my family
i put a budget on my vanity
i have zero faith in humanity
i’m over their heads like a canopy
i’ll cut off ya hand over banditry
and i feel like usain bolt
all the rivals wishing that they ran with me