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lirik lagu lecrae – inspiration



uh, where else i’m gonna turn?
my backs is to the world see these bridges i done burn?
for every truth i learn
i grow a little weary
i see how far away from you, everybody is clearly
and all the folks who near me
the one’s that i love dearly
don’t know the truth about you
so i hopping that they hear me uh um
hear ye, hear ye all of the above
what could warm a blacken heart and fill it full of love?
it feels like just the other day when every thing was hopeless
up h-ll’s creek without a paddle and a boat
i wasn’t really living, i was living for the moment
and now i only live to see clear, so help me focus
it lies all around me
my partners cars cloudy
he just wanna escape the cesspool that got em drowning
your spirit surround me
can’t n-body see it though
every once in a while somebody tell me they can see a glow
i quit getting high, and not because i’m better then
but your spirit working in me making me a better man
know you got a better plan and all this ghetto living
this drug dealing, pimping, exploiting all of these women
my family still in prison i thought that i escaped it
for years i was chained to sin following satan
the only way to make it, for me was take a plea
i gave my life to the king who died on a tree
and he ain’t make me richer
he ain’t make me taller
he ain’t give new legs to my cousins little daughter
he gave me something greater then anything i done seen
he gave himself to me, he live in me boy i’m clean
my guilt all gone, shame all gone
i still feel pain yet the rain gonna come
but one day he gonna get all these folks he call his own
and takes us on that long ride home, i’m gone

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