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lirik lagu kis stormy – made me wait


there were no lights to brighten the darkness
no rain to remove the droughts
no medicine, to heal the wounds
you disappeared and made me wait

found what we both needed
but made it yours only
you left without fear and forgot everything behind
you left what you lied to and made it suffer
you thought you’ll get away with it
but forgot that life doesn’t pretend to someone
you back and you wanna fix
i don’t want and it’s like i’m a bad person
but me having million reasons why i should give up

i fought my hеart
because it couldn’t let go
i fought my feelings
bеcause they couldn’t stop feeling
i stopped checking your massages and staring at your pictures
because the brooding and uncertainty made me malicious
you disappeared and made me wait
now you back and you want me to understand
like am a guitar
when you play it
it should play and when you stop it
it should stop
like i’m your child and i should listen to every word
that comes from your mouth