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lirik lagu keon bryce & kidnyce – heaven hell


(oh lord, lord, lord) once, lightning strike, it got caught in my bottle
(dear god) and i said, ‘what do i now do with all this power?
(this power) what do i do with this, platform?’
(ohh) and they just said this, ‘time is what it’s about’
that’s all i got, is time, i don’t know nothing else

preacher talking on the bull pit
all the congregation knowing that this is some bullsh~t
from the church to the liquor store
headed to my front door, momma cooked me gumbo
as i turn on the tel~i~video, all the propaganda from the medi~o
it’s a shame that i can’t see who the h~ll is watching me, my cell~y or my tv

i wonder about life sometimes, coming from the ghetto
is this a case of black on [brown?] brothеrs in a battle
if you’re living on the block town, thеn it’s steady like a rock town
i heard the cage bird sing and the d’s phone ring
all my n~ggas ‘cause be

heaven to h~ll
black baby born on the kitchen floor, eating out the back door, running from the white law
heaven to h~ll
dope fiend momma with a silver spoon, baby watching cartoons, van room full of fumes
heaven to h~ll
poor people on the front page and the headline read ‘ghetto in an outrage’
heaven to h~ll
see the smog in the sunshine and the [?] night smell the waste from the pipeline
heaven to h~ll

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