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lirik lagu kendrick lamar – xxl freshman freestyle


xxl freshman freestyle

i return before tables get turned
it’s my turn, spur of the moment
they reproduce my sperm and try to clone it
stand firm, b-mping the the firm ‘phone tap’, i’m on it
i slaughter every opponent to bits of components, potent
you can’t f-ck with the horse power, you’re woofing too much
you’re bout to go ho-rs- coward as soon as i buss, pause
you put your hands on a broad, then telling me you can brawl
you thought you saw me when you saw ‘saw’, frightening
more reckless than a paisa driving without license
hitting your new truck, then leaving you hiking
they said no, the industry let it go
i cracked the window, they hit the back door like trick dices
sticking and moving, and moving and sticking the prices
upping the ante before i’m an antique
i promise you’ll hear me clear, even if you need three ears with tyson
gripping the panties, big booty, no whammies, they dyking
i’m liking them all, i’m sifting through panties, haters will spike it
voicing opinions, but holding laryngitis
but i don’t hear ’em, i’m a winner by law
track ’em down like a subway when they sub-par
sub-zero every time i jump in the synagogue
send an angel, send a god, i don’t make it look hard, i know
i just let the thoughts take its toll
more ‘sentences’ than level iv yard
bogard, go hard, black tar, concrete
tom vick, times papi mason, times three
uncle toms need toms to stomach atomic bombs, or die from my wizardry
rza, gza, method man, i’m a ‘killa bee’
killer be killed, make your emb-ssy yield
this is not your cup of tea, and oh
they say waters run deep
dive in bermuda triangles and you’ll see us
we must, dust behind, emcee’s duck
deduct, revenue decline when we touch-
down like a running back’s grind, can you keep up?
you keep a safe for keep-safe? that ain’t safe, bla!

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