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lirik lagu keith sweat – all eyes on me (revisiting cold blooded)


godd-mn i look good
somebody slap me, huh
this club does not want 2 point 2 seconds of me
but i’mma give it to ’em anyway, uh

when i walk in the door, n-gg-s be like “yo”
stare me up and down even when they with they ho
it amazes me them n-gg-s don’t care
all fade tight, -ss everywhere
and before i can even get a chance to blink
wild m-th–f-ckas start sendin’ me drinks
but i send ’em all back, ’cause i got my own loot
suit? it’s a miaki
boots? gianni versace
it ain’t hard to see
i got my own money, don’t f-ck with me
can’t touch me, check my st–ze
swap meet b-tches, please, for real

1 – [keith] (strings)
cold… blooded
(when i walk in the room, all eyes on me)
let me get your number
(got ice on my hands, ice on my feet)

cold… blooded
(when i walk in the room, all eyes on me)
what more can i say?
(and these are the sounds they be makin’ at me, say what)

uh uh, yeah yeah
uh uh, yeah yeah

uh, picture me strings, pavã© diamonds in my ear
i push a new somethin’ every year
hip hop sweetheart, n-gg- pleaser
coochie value, like the mona lisa
99 escalade, smellin’ like chanel
b-mpin’ my sh-t, on the way to bloomingdale’s
for a shopping spree, n-gg-s jocking me
black tale centerfold, no stopping me
and your b-tch is jealous ’cause i’m gettin’
while and you out the first to tell her
i won’t tell her, i’m h-lla plus she getting dumber and dumber
’cause while she was in the dressing room, he slipped me his number
and said call me baby, you’re a real lady
workin’ those girbaud, spittin’ flows at shows
i check the videos and the skills
can i get your autograph on the 50 dolla bill, for real?

repeat 1

uh uh, yeah yeah
uh uh, yeah yeah


yo, i got a fat boy on my jock
n-gg- got a wife but he got a fat knot
‘member when it was hot, rollin’ down the block
in my summer car, 320 e drop
tell the wife get it together, she ain’t cute
rockin’ that sweater with them daisy dukes
and that n-gg- know it
that’s why he with the fat tale poet
spittin’ game like a n-gg- sayin’, baby p-ss me moet, for real

repeat 1

uh uh, yeah yeah
uh uh, yeah yeah

repeat 1 (without strings)

repeat 1 to fade