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lirik lagu katatonia – gates of bereavement


i stand as i cry
mourning in the silent rain
death will light my burden
endless is my sorrow
gateways so dark
all these years of dying
gone are dreams of velvet voices
i am you, we were one
vast are fields i walk
where sorrow never dies
the sky unites with the blackened rain
summon with my tears
now descend on winterwings
my withering soul.
let me die,
gateways of bereavement
a temple of guilt
falling deep
embraced in grief
my withering soul
let me die
farewell life and all i died for
now my time is over on earth
another journey ha begun
alone i died, not praying for mercy
nor praying for salvation
a lonely journey in a darkened dream
time has come to spread my wings
descending from the silent sky
death comes to take me away
and from the gateways you hear my cry…
… i love you …